Order securities

In the order process you can buy various securities and sell existing holdings.

Selection of the securities account and the clearing account

In the top line you will find a drop-down menu containing all securities accounts and clearing accounts for securities trading. Select the desired securities account and clearing account with a click of the mouse and begin your securities order. There may already be a preselection on the basis of already existing information, such as sale from the securities account, for instance.

The three entry boxes

The order process has a total of three entry boxes at the top of the screen. These are filled by you from left to right, but can also be changed again by a pen in the top right section of the box.

In the first box you can enter the WKN, International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) or the description of the security which you wish to trade. In addition, an autocomplete helps you to search for the desired security.

In the second box you can enter the desired quantity for your order. In addition, this box shows you the approximate order countervalue on the basis of the quantity and the price information relating to the security. This countervalue is updated promptly after amendment of your order details.

In the third box you have the possibility to confirm the proposed place of execution or amend it according to your wishes. In addition, the list of possible places of execution assists you by displaying useful information per place of execution.

Order additions

Depending on the selected place of execution, additional limitation options may be available to you. After selecting the order type, you can either move the available limit bars in the chart element with the mouse or make your entry on the limit bar by keyboard. For better comprehension, the functioning of the selected order type is described briefly again in text form to the right of the chart element in due consideration of the limits which you have entered.

In the special case of Commerzbank direct trading you will be asked for authority for the transaction release before confirmation of the price because of the short time slot.

After specification of the validity of your order, the “Check order” or “Price request” button (only in the case of Commerzbank direct trading) takes you to the order release page.

Release page

On this page your order is summarised and you are asked to release the order. In the case of Commerzbank direct trading, this page shows you a time-limited price which you can accept or update within 7 seconds.

Confirmation page

On this page the acceptance of your order is confirmed and the order details are displayed. In addition, via buttons at the bottom of the page you can place another order or change to the order book.